Mechanical Art is a hobby in which I construct mechanical contractions that operate with gears.

Some of the larger gears are cut of Baltic Birch plywood using a scroll saw and drill press.

Smaller gears and parts are printed with a 3D printer.

I use a gear template generator to print out the gears. Below is the link to the program.



Chalice is a Catholic Child Sponsor Program

Starting in 2013 I sponsored Valhery and her mother with the Chalice Program.

Valhery is residing in Santiago, Chile who lives with her single mother and grandparents in a two room wooden house.

She just started school, and enjoys playing outside with the other children her age.

I encourage everyone to sponsor a child in need. 


Purchasing Article - Chinese Suppliers





This article is written as an eye opener for any small Canadian business who currently or is planning to purchase from a Chinese supplier from the main land China. 

Shocking and revealing, this article gives a first hand look at what really happens across from the negotiation table. 

This article is in the final stages of development. After completion I hope to have it printed in the B2B Purchasing magazine.

Topics include:

Pinching Hired Help - How the person you hire to assist in either finding suppliers, or negotiating deals can be looking at his/her interest first.

What you buy is not what you get - You approve of a product, purchase it. But what is shipped to you is not the same thing.

Why qualities and appearances change with the same product - You have purchased the same thing before, but its not the same as before.

What you see is not what you get - It looks good online, but totally different when you get it.

How Chinese companies produce authentic certificates of origin from other countries without the products ever leaving China. - Is it really just assembled in China?

How Chinese companies obtain legal customs certificates from foreign countries without the products ever leaving China. - Are the essential parts really from Italy?

How sometimes you can lose your entire deposit with a Chinese Company. - Its never a great price if you loss your entire deposit.

Why is it worth it for a Chinese suppliers to scam foreign buyers? Isn't repeat business worth having? - From their perspective there unlimited potential customers. 

Click Read More for a list of:

Contacts for Chinese major news agencies:
Chinese anti corruption law, plus the official Supervision of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in China website where you can report corruption from a Provincial or Federal level.
Canadian Trade Commission in China contact list.