Chalice is a Catholic Child Sponsor Program

Starting in 2013 I sponsored Valhery and her mother with the Chalice Program.

Valhery is residing in Santiago, Chile who lives with her single mother and grandparents in a two room wooden house.

She just started school, and enjoys playing outside with the other children her age.

I encourage everyone to sponsor a child in need. 


Sponsoring a child costs as little as $33 dollars per month. 

This small amount can make a world of a difference with not only the child's life buy their family as well. It could mean the difference between being able to afford pots and pans in replacement of recycled cans, medical attention, or school costs.

Attached is a sample letter I have received recently. 


Dear sponsor David G. Jung

This is your Godchild Valhery's mom writing with much love. I hope his letter finds you and your family well! Well, this is to let you know that my child is very joyful, like you. I say so, because you look happy in the picture. Thanks to God, your Goldchild is doing very well in school. Just like me.

My child and I are a very small family but with much love and joy. Her father and I separated some time ago. He does not help me with money, and he does not come to see her, either. I have to work and play the roles of father and mother.

Dear sponsor David,  want to thank you for your support and enthusiasm you show for helping us. Big hug from far away! Have a good job! May God Bless you and your family! Bye! Big hug and much love!

I am sending you the picture you asked me.

Valhery & Mom

Your Godchild,

Valhery & Mom Dangela Alvarez