For the past 10 years I have working in the wholesale/import furniture and equipment industry as
    Organizational Manager / Purchaser

    Main key roles are strategic planning, procurement, and sales.

    Currently enrolled in The Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program with the
    Purchasing Management Association of Canada.


    When I am not working I enjoy working on my house. Recently I installed a dedicated wire from the
    top floor to the basement fuse box using a outside wire conduit. I split a single 15 amp to a double
    15 amp so that I could install an air conditioner. 
    Also I am building a second floor half bathroom. Thats 95% done. 
    Before the winter, I will be installing a woodburing stove in the garage. 

    One of my favorite places to go fishing is Rice Lake. I ride my Honda rebel 250 all summer, and
    I love to construct home engineering projects with my 3D printer.