Jellyfish World is a fun, unique hobby business that I developed while I was in Vancouver, BC.

I was visiting my friends family's shooting range in Nanaimo BC, which is the North part of Victoria Island. We went down to a long pier that was located in a large bay where people were catching crabs. It was there that my friends showed me how to summon the eagle from across the bay. I stood at the end of the pier waving a chicken leg high in the air; if anyone was watching me it would have looked like I was waving a T-shirt at a sports game.

To my amazement a full sized eagle was headed my way from the other end of the bay. He flew directly towards us, slowly, flying high. I kept waving until he arrived. He circled high above us. I threw the chicken leg into the air as high as I could, but not in proper time to match his circle. He snatched at it, but missed. The chicken leg fell into the ocean and was quickly attacked by the ocean seagulls on the pier. I tried again and my the eagle caught it, quickly. Just as quickly he left, disappearing across the bay toward his nest. 

As he was leaving, I noticed the surface of the water was dotted with luminescent, floating, jellyfish. Beautiful, and elegant, I thought it would be cool to have one as a pet and in that moment I knew that I couldn't be the one! And in that moment was born!